Bath & Body Works Summer Haul

Hey lovelies, it’s been a while. How’s everyone Summer been going? Did any of you get a hold of the Bath and Body Works sale? Also, which products of theirs you have been loving? What’s your least favorite product of theirs?

Bath & Body Works you have done it again. With my coupon, I had gotten either $10 or 10 percent off my purchase. I was super hyped about these amazing new products. I had to come back with another bath and body works haul for you all. Did I mention these were purchased during two different sales? I’m not sure what I bought at which. However, I felt like I got a better deal during the last sale (Final Hour) buy three get three free select body care. I can’t do a detailed review at the moment because I don’t use all the products once.  However, I will tell you this:


Basic Pros & Cons

  • Variety of  Fragances
  • Contains Shea Moisture and Vitamin E
  • Better deal with coupon or during sales
  • Sell travel size products
  • Good scent
  • Frequent Sale
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Polite and friendly workers (At the Branch I shop at)


  • All bath and body works scent might not be pleasing even though its the same theme. For instance the body wash might have a better scent than the lotion. Have that ever happened to you? Sometimes I only end up buying one product.
  • A bit pricey without sales sometimes even when the sale is going on.
  • During the sale the products you get discount off are the least expensive ones.






Thank You for reading. . . . . . 



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