The Pros And Cons Of Blogging Being A Blogger

This post is a follow-up for a previous blog I named Things We Struggle With As Bloggers. If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and read it. The bloggers had some really good point. Happy I got a chance to interact with them.  Hopefully we can start a whole new discussion on this post. I am sure you can relate to at least one thing I  am about to mention below.


[Anyone can start a blog]

I do not think I can make it any clearer. It is easy to get your blog site started, just like joining any other social media. This includes e-mail, username, password and a domain of course.

[Blogging is a learning process]

We all know nobody is perfect. Name a perfect beginner blogger, I will wait. My point is as you go along your blogging journey it’s like you can never learn everything you need to know at once. I love that because it motivates me to do better and go harder.

[Every blog is different]

 Lifestyle, music, fitness, food, personal, photography, mommy, diy, travel, art, sport, entertainment and more. There are a variety of blogs.

[It somewhat helps you to be independent]

You are in full control of every thing that happens on your site. Your blog represents you and all you have to offer to your readers. Isn’t that enough to make you want to do your best? Another good point is you are not allowed to copy and paste other bloggers work. Whatever you do must be original.

[It’s more than just typing and posting ]

Anyone can type few words and post it on a blog site. What kind of blogger are you? What makes your blog special?  You must take the time out to get familiar with your platform so you can create, attract and inspire others.


[Managing a blog takes a lot of time]

“Rome was not built-in a day” neither will your blog site.

[You are expected to be active]

I am going to use YouTube as an example. If you post no video then your subscribers will either unsubscribe or forget you.  If you disappear on your readers, trust me there is will a difference in your blog “insight”. This displays your blog’s visitors, likes, views, comments and so forth. You do not have to post everyday especially if you are not a full-time blogger. At least do some sort of activity on your site, for example interact with your followers.

[It demands some sort of creativity]

Customize your theme and beautify your blog site. It helps to attract readers, trust me. Going on a blog site with no color or design is like reading a book with no photos.

[It is not easy to make blogger friends]

Of course there are bloggers who follow you but never like or comment on your posts. It happens on every social media. A big thank you to my active followers. I say it’s not easy because the community is not really like YouTube. I just had to use it as an example again. “No Shade” I just think some bloggers are not every supportive of others especially if you do not have a large following or inspires them. Unlike YouTube bloggers, they reach out to each other, collaborate (though they can come off as a bit annoying with the “sub for sub” but I hope you understand what I am saying.  I do not think the blogging community is friendly or maybe they await you to reach out to them. Correct me if I am wrong but that’s just my opinion.

[Your audience/ followers do not grow overnight]

In order for you to be a blogger, patience is a major key.

[It costs]

If you want premium features which includes custom domains, fancier themes and so forth well prepare to pay a fee. Also if you are some who thinks perfect photos are important to you , then you will have to invest in some equipment.

I would love to read what you all consider the pros and cons of blogging / being a blogger. You are all welcome to share your thoughts below.

10 thoughts on “The Pros And Cons Of Blogging Being A Blogger

  1. It’s definitely competitive but I’ve taken on the approach that if I can help one person than it’s all worth it. I write because I like writing and I want to connect with people. Not in it for fame and glory. If that were to happen I wouldn’t snub my nose at it, lol but it’s not my main goal.

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  2. I am enjoying your posts. I’m not a stalker LOL. Yes, you are correct. The blogging community is tuff. I feel most bloggers play a numbers game. They deal with you if you have numbers, but they skim posts, but not like or comment. Some like, but hardly ever comment. Its a “if you like mine, I might like yours”kinda thing. Just my .02 cents. #keepwriting

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    1. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.I love my readers and most of all interacting with them. It is a bit challenging. Guess what? we aren’t quitters. As long as we have patience eventually our blog will grow one day with loyal readers/followers. Keep doing you and inspiring others.

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