A Day At The Park

Hello blog fam, welcome back to my site. Earlier today, we went to the park just to enjoy nature and hang out a little. This park was somewhat different and I am happy we went. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. To be honest, upon our arrival I was like “really? just an ordinary park” but then we began to walk for a while. I kid you not before I even reached the end of the path, I got so excited because the view was just lovely.  The activities by people amongst us included dog walking, fishing, jet skiing, birthday parties, jogging and more. Besides trying to live in the moment, I had to take out my camera and capture some photos for my personal use which included this blog. See Aiesha Inspires Photography for photos I’ve captured so far, including today.  Sometimes in life, it is the little things that count. Just taking long walks, being among good people, seeing random families interact, doing your own thing and living in the moment is a really good feeling. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, good-bye.






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