Important Historic Places In Jamaica

My high school BFF & I went on a mini adventure today, this somewhat inspired me to share a new blog post with you all. The reason why we came here was that she had a school assignment that included visiting two museums. The day went by so very fast and so the People’s Museum of Craft & Technology (Spanish Town, Jamaica) was her first choice. Unfortunately when we arrived the museum was closed, thanks to one of the random worker we were informed that it is being renovated. I knew as soon as my best friend “Shania” heard the man it made her felt frustrated. Going to another museum that day was not an option. Our goal was to gather information and evidence from at least one museum within the day. Suddenly we both looked at each other and bingo! We continued our journey, on to the other historical buildings around us. We were like a tourist in the streets of Jamaica, capturing moments as though the day was not hot like fire I could say? Hey, it is the truth, I personally think Jamaica extreme sunny days are the worst. Our facial expression in the photos is enough evidence for you all to see “ok the sun must have been hot”. Have you ever been to Jamaica? I must say it was a fun and interesting day. Here are some photos that I captured to share with you all.

Behind the beautiful trees on the eastern side of  the sqaure, is an historic building – The Assembly House. It is now used by the St.Catherine Parish Council.

Rodney Memorial Statue in Spanish Town
A close side view of the statue
I just had to capture the ceiling for you all. The design for the most part.

I’ll end this blog post here, and thank you for reading. I hope my idea of sharing this mini adventure was either interesting or somewhat fun to you. P.S the quality of the photos on my blog will improve soon. Good Bye !

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