New year,New me right?

Today I introduce to you Chantol Aspinall my former schoolmate-Author,Beta,Blogger,Poet. A brilliant young woman indeed and I think you all should check out her website. Thank you for being my first guest blogger Chantol. In this post “she decided to write on Lifestyle and share her experience of trying the vegetarian diet.”

2017 I embarked on an extraordinary journey. One that was to transform my life the way it did my dad’s, who is now a converted pescatarian since the early 2000s. I started out the new year as a vegetarian…well sorta-kinda. I actually started on January 6th.It had absolutely nothing to do with health at first, but everything to do with appearance. Let me keep it real. My friend had her birthday celebration fast approaching (happy belated Kimmy) and she wanted to go to the beach before she ended her night at a restaurant. I didn’t just want to get my toes wet in the water or stroll on the sands. No. That’s so basic school. I wanted to work the hell outta the beach. I wanted my confidence level through the sky…to the moon and beyond. And there my journey began and ended on January 6th, 2017.


Yes I know it was a short journey but that was only due to two, hot, mouth-watering beef patties. Don’t judge my weakness. They kept calling my name and they beckoned unto me with such intensity that I caved.

However, we…sorry I fall down but I sure got back up on January 7th and so my journey continued…again. I hadn’t planned out my meals or anything and seriously wondered if I would even last on the count that I believe veggies are the devil and proudly state so whenever I get the chance to share my opinion. And can I tell you that the vegetarian lifestyle in Jamaica nuh cheap at all. Mi granny foot back! I couldn’t see myself munching on darn callaloo and cabbage every day just to save a buck. I would just die.

Though my meals weren’t very creative I am proud to say that with the help of soup, veggie chucks, and I had to add my cabbage and callaloo I was able to survive my vegetarian experiment.

One of the greatest benefit I experienced was how great I felt after every meal. And kudos to me for preparing all my dinner and breakfast meals. Usually after eating chicken or meat regardless of how it is prepared it feels like a brick in my gut. Don’t get me started on how I feel after I eat fast food.

Since the change my stomach feels a whole lot regulated and I feel less bloated and gaseous throughout the day. Can we say awesome?!

This experiment is definitely something I plan on trying again, but next time around I’m planning to diversify my meals a whole lot and I might just end up going the vegetarian route for two or more weeks. Who knows?!

Note to Readers…

Stop putting off your dreams for tomorrow. There is no better time like the one you have right now.


Forgive to be Forgiven

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