Things We Struggle With As Bloggers 

What are some things you struggle with as a blogger? Are you familiar with any of the following? Comment below and let me know because I look forward to reading them. Now let’s get into today’s topic. I personally think this is a very important topic to discuss. Now to begin I’m starting  off with:

  1. Scheduling: How many of you actually have a blog schedule? I started with new blogs every Sunday and then I fell off. This is something I definitely need to work on because I think it is easier for my bloggers in terms of having an idea of when I will post.
  2. Motivation: Blogging family we need this, it is so very important for us. It is easy to start a blog however how many of us are willing to be consistent? I spoke about this in my post on “How To Start A Blog”. I’m referring to when you get discouraged,  not having any idea on what to post or your traffic/views are not booming like you expect. Motivation is the key.
  3. Meeting  Bloggers/ Making Blogger Friends: This is definitely one of my blogging goals for this year. Interacting with more bloggers. I have only come across few, to be honest. We need to work on our blog community, interact more with each other, also do collaborations. Do you think only YouTubers can do it?
  4. Language: I have seen so many awesome blogs in different languages but no translation option. Even though there might be bloggers that understand other languages it makes it bad for bloggers who do not.
  5. Constructing The Perfect Topic: Just like making videos I like to blog about things I am comfortable with writing about but also for the people. Meaning, topics people search for on a daily because they either want to learn about or read something interesting.
  6. Writer’s Block: Lastly, I know this is the worst thing that could happen to a blogger. Especially if you are someone who blogs everyday. You wanna always make sure you have good content at all times.


32 thoughts on “Things We Struggle With As Bloggers 

  1. Love it. Yes, I have struggles with all of the listed items. Consistency, writers block, etc. When I ask questions about how to do something on facebook blog group, no one answers except the person who created the group. However, they don’t have the answer. Yikes.

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          1. I figured it out, finally. I logged into one of my other blogs and noticed the #tags. I couldn’t see them in my own posts. Wow, I’m glad I inquired–you gave me that extra nudge by visiting your page again. Ty 🥉 btw: didn’t notice anything at the bottom for twitter. Thx 4 asking

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  2. Oh man, YES!
    I just started my blog, so I really relate with all of these things…Another thing I have to fight every time is just the fear of it not being “good enough”.
    But then when I read what people say, it makes me more than doubt my fears, but actually overcome them!
    So, YES to bloggers supporting and interacting with each other!
    Thanks for writing this 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome. You must start somewhere so be patient and not too hard on yourself. I started this new blog in December. One like and not many views for days. Today I have improved and overcome a lot. I love interacting with my readers they are absolutely the best. They are like my motivation too to keep blogging.

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    1. Exactly I feel like too many bloggers probably leave that to the YouTube community. They are more focused on expanding via their own blog. Instead of interacting more with other bloggers and working together especially the ones with similar interests. The struggle is real, ,even meeting blogger pals is hard lol.

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      1. Yes! This forum has the potential to be really great. And better! I have met some awesome people on here! Some people are willing to help me with school stuff, others are willing to collaborate. Have to search for people for that are like that, as they are like needles in the haystack, but they are on here!

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          1. Great point. It’s like regular in-person interactions, right? There are some folks who are extroverts and some who are introverts. Interesting: I never thought about it like that … but some people have Internet personalities! Some people comment more, some people like more, while others are more shy. Very interesting. Good point !

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